How It Works

Samantha Springs is actually two springs. More than 200,000-gallons of spring water can be piped three miles each day to the Samantha Springs Bulk Station located in downtown Keller, Texas. This covered fully automated Bulk Station offers the latest in technology with a 24-hour keypad operation and a fill rate of 555-gallons of spring water-per-minute.

The Bulk Station currently has four 30,000-gallon silos offering 120,000-gallon storage. Trucks carrying a 6,250-gallon capacity tank can fill up in 10 minutes – unlike conventional gravity systems which may take up to an hour or more to fill.

Samantha Springs today is situated on a 22-acre campus, and includes an on-site bottling plant. It houses a historical display of Double Springs artifacts, which were uncovered during the rediscovering of the springs. Samantha Springs, once the center of an early Texas community where people came to fill their buckets and urns, has come full circle, bringing with it the technology and convenience to provide pure, clear spring water to homes in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as well as across Texas.

We are ‘Passing the Taste of Time®’!

Why Choose Us?

  • Pure, refreshing and palatable spring water.
  • State of the art hot & cold water dispensers which lets you have cold, normal or boiling water at any time.
  • Attractive and cost-effective custom bottle water labels.
  • Prompt spring water delivery from the source to all our customers across Texas.

To order spring water, custom label bottle water or water dispensers for your home or office, call us at 817-591-4505. or email at [email protected]