History of Samantha Springs

The western fringe of the Eastern Cross Timbers in northeast Tarrant County comprised part of the frontier of the Peters Colony settlers of the 1840’s. In about 1845, the area was first settled by a group of families from Missouri. Led by a widow named Permelia Allen, they homesteaded near the head-waters of Big Bear Creek. Other families that settled in the area included Daniel Bancroft, Ireneous Neace, Richard Allen, J.J. Roberts and Aurelius Delphus Bourland.

The area became known as ‘Double Springs’ for the two large springs in the rolling wooded countryside. The spring site is approximately ½ mile north of the first church started in Tarrant County in 1850, known as the Lonesome Dove Baptist Church. The church building was burned down by Indians, possibly because these new settlers had taken over their land and water source. In 1883 the church was rebuilt at the site and renamed Mt. Gilead Baptist Church.

The community of Double Springs was a thriving community and by the early 1870’s consisted of a post office, cotton gin, grist mill, blacksmith shop and several stores. In late 1879, word got around about a railroad in a small community called Athol, located 3 miles southwest of Double Springs. The people were working hard to get the railroad to come through their community, even though there was nothing that even faintly resembled a town.

A construction boss working for the railroad named John C. Keller saw how hard these men were working and told them if they would name the town for him, he would make sure they got the depot located there. When it was decided that the railroad was going to come through Athol, or what is now known as Keller, an immediate exodus from Double Springs began.

One-room log houses and businesses were moved by wagon and the post office was relocated to Keller in 1882. As the relocation process took place, and after Keller drilled an artesian well in 1896, the demand for water lessened. The townspeople of Double Springs had placed barrels, open at both ends, over the springs to ensure the availability of fresh spring water. Leaving the springs behind, over time, they filled with sand and eventually were plugged and lost for many years. In 1983 the springs were uncovered by Joe McCombs. After the 1993 death of his 3-year-old daughter, Samantha, Joe renamed the springs ‘Samantha Springs’ in her honor.

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