Filter Services

Services We Offer:


Call us today if you’re experiencing water problems with any of the following:

“If it has to do with water, get us involved!”

Our trained service professionals will be happy to schedule an appointment to check out your water issues that you may be experiencing and recommend the best solution for you. We also have the resources and experience to repair and replace broken or problematic water Filters and softeners, whether these are Kinetico products or another brand.

Helpful Service Tips

Sometimes water softener issues are minor and can be addressed easily and quickly.  Below is a checklist to eliminate some of the most common issues:

  • Does the brine tank have both water and salt in it?
  • Does the salt appear to have formed a solid layer above the water? If so, break the salt apart and mix it into the water.
  • Is the bypass open?
  • Is there anything clogging or blocking the Filter?
  • Is there a leak or a drip somewhere else in the house?

For more information on our spring water delivery services in the Metroplex, feel free to call us at 817-591-4505, or email at [email protected]