Bulk Water

If you are looking for spring water in bulk, Samantha Springs can help. We are one of the finest quality large-volume springs in the United States. We have provided bulk spring water to some of the largest brand-label and private-label bottlers in America, including The Coca-Cola Company, HEB, Wal-Mart, Valero, Target, Brookshire, Albertsons and many others. Click the underlined section above to learn more.

The great-tasting and sodium-free water offered by Samantha Springs is permitted as a public water system, and surpasses the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality standards. It also exceeds the strict standards of New York and California, and those of the US Food & Drug Administration.

Samantha Springs’ bulk station is located in downtown Keller, and is equipped with the latest technology. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Completely automated bulk station
  • 24-hour keypad operation
  • A fill rate of 550 gallons-per-minute
  • Four 30,000-gallon silos, amounting to a total of 120,000 gallons of storage capacity
  • 200,000 gallons of water are piped three miles each day to the Samantha Springs’ bulk station.

Unlike conventional gravity systems, which may take up to an hour or more to fill, our trucks containing a 6,250-gallon carrying capacity tank can fill up in as little as 10 minutes!

For more information on our spring water delivery services in the Metroplex, feel free to call us at 817-591-4505, or email at [email protected]