About Samantha Springs

You no longer need to drive to the store and lug heavy containers of water to your home or office. We at Samantha Springs eliminate these hassles by doing the heavy lifting of spring water containers and delivering them for you right to your doorstep. We are renowned for providing some of the freshest spring water in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

How it started?

While working on his property in rural Keller in 1983, Joe McCombs not only found spring water, but also discovered an important link to local history. The pure natural springs he discovered that day was the original site of the circa 1845 settlement of Double Springs, Texas. The settlement was later renamed Keller for the railroad boss who promised to establish a depot if the town would bear his name. Double Springs gradually migrated three miles south to be near the railroad depot. The springs themselves, abandoned and silted in, disappeared into the surrounding land, creating a soggy topography deemed unfit for development until McCombs’ discovery.

Today this bubbling local treasure gives up more than 200,000 gallons of pure spring water a day. McCombs built a rustic gristmill over the gurgling springs, as well as a pipeline to the current site of the Bulk Station and the bottling plant in downtown Keller, Texas.

McCombs is working hard to realize his dream of sharing the history and the treasure of the springs with fellow Texans. He renamed them “Samantha Springs” in 1993 in memory of his beloved three-year-old daughter, Samantha, who died waiting for a heart transplant. It is fitting that he has re-dedicated his life to helping families and workers in the area get the healthiest water possible at a truly affordable value.

Samantha Springs Services:

  • We provide fresh spring water delivery to homes and offices across Texas. In addition, we also provide bulk spring water delivery services to some of the largest brand-label and private-label bottlers in the country.

  • We offer private label water bottles (with various color and design options) for promoting a corporate event or any special occasion in Texas. You can choose from 10 oz., 16.9 oz., and 20 oz. bottles for these private/custom labels.
  • Customers can also order stylish water dispensers for homes and offices. We offer hot & cold water dispensers for sale, as well as for rent, across the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.


For more information on our spring water delivery services in the Metroplex, feel free to call us at: 817-591-4505, or email at: [email protected]