Spring Water Delivery Service and It’s Health Benefits

spring water Delivery Service and It’s Health Benefits

If you haven’t considered a spring water delivery service for your business, you are missing out on an important benefit for your employees. Quality spring water is free from harmful chemicals, completely natural, and better tasting than tap water. By taking advantage of local water service providers, you can improve the quality of your office water supply and promote healthier living benefits to your employees.

spring water is Healthy

We all know what happens in water treatment plants. Used wastewater is treated with chemicals and enzymes to break down waste products in the water. The water is then Filtered, treated with chemicals to help reduce microorganisms, and then returned to the drinking water supply, presumably as clean, fresh water.

spring water comes from clean, natural sources and is often bottled right at the origin. It has no added chemicals, such as fluoride or chlorine, and is naturally infused with healthy minerals from the soil. You can’t get these added minerals from a tap water Filter.

spring water Tastes Better

spring water also tastes better. Municipal tap water has added sanitation chemicals, such as chlorine, that are added to kill any bacteria lurking in the pipes. Fluoride, another common additive in water that is not used in many areas due to concerns about its potential toxicity, also adds a slight flavor to some tap water supplies. These chemicals create an artificial taste that many people find unpalatable.

Without these added chemicals, spring water’s taste stays as clean and refreshing as it was at the source. Cleaner tasting water leads to better flavor in your office coffee pot. Your tea or powdered drink packets will also have a brighter, more refreshing taste.

Water Delivery Service is Convenient

For businesses, water delivery service is simple and convenient. Fresh water can be delivered as frequently as necessary and in quantities needed to accommodate your business usage. For small businesses, weekly or bi-weekly delivery may be adequate. Larger businesses may need more frequent visits to keep from running out of water and prevent used bottles from piling up.

Delivery service also helps keep used water bottles out of landfills. The delivery service will return the used containers to the spring water provider for recycling, eliminating waste and helping to preserve the environment.

spring water delivery service is healthy, better tasting, and convenient for businesses. Take advantage of this great option for the benefit of your employees and your business.

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