Natural Spring Water Is Good for Your Health

Natural spring water Is Good for Your Health

Most people buy natural spring water because they are concerned about chemicals added to public drinking water at municipal treatment plants. They prefer natural spring water as no chemicals are added. More and more people are choosing natural spring water rather than tap water as part of a healthier lifestyle.

spring water bottled at the source is best. Some companies take water from its source and transport it elsewhere for bottling. In these cases, the water may have passed through many sets of pipes and Filters before it is bottled. Bottling at the source means that your water is bottled without additional chances for contamination.

Commercial water is sold and delivered to your home or business in many size bottles which fit a dispenser with a convenient tap. Some options offer hot, cold and room temperature water.

Natural spring water is quite different from a municipal water supply. The municipal water supply is treated with Filters and chemicals to remove impurities. Sometimes the residue of these chemicals remains in the water in levels that are considered “safe” for drinking. While it might be considered safe, it sometimes leaves an after taste in one’s mouth.

In some areas, fluoride is added to the water supply to minimize tooth decay. Some consider this a means of mass medication and object to the practice. As such, there are some areas that have stopped adding fluoride to the supply.

Most commercial water bottlers don’t add chemicals to their water. Some chemicals may be used to wash and sterilize bottles only. spring water is Filtered and passes over an Ultra Violet (UV) light to kill microscopic organisms leaving it the purest available form of drinking water.

Storing your bottled water is very important. There are no preservatives to protect your water. Storing your bottles in sunlight increases the likelihood of algae developing inside the bottle. Therefore, store your bottles in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

If your bottle develops some green algae, make sure you inform your delivery driver. Often the driver will replace the bottle without fuss and some may even replace your bottle with a fresh bottle.

It is recommended that you clean your water dispensers every so often. Simply removing the top of the dispenser and washing it will prevent algae growth.


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