Home Water Filter Systems Can Add Years To Your Life By Removing Cancer-Causing Chemicals & Toxins



Home Water Filter Systems Can Add Years To Your Life By Removing Cancer-Causing Chemicals & Toxins


Although choices abound in home water Filter systems, there are definite characteristics of the best that every consumer should look for. First of all, the most modern system uses a multi-stage process based on activated carbon filtration.

When activated carbon Filters are used in water Filter home systems, they Filter out the dangerous chemicals that are humanly introduced into the water supply while enhancing the healthful mineral balance of the water.

The first stage of filtration is mechanical filtration, which removes sediments, tiny microscopic particles which cloud water and lessen its taste, as well as chlorine. Chlorine is by far the most prevalent chemical in our water, and it is the main culprit in water’s distastefulness and unhealthiness. Even so, it cannot be avoided entirely, at least not initially, because it is chlorine that removes the disease causing bacteria at the treatment plant. So the use of chlorine for purification is very necessary, but there is no reason for it to remain in the water, and that is where your home water Filter systems get to do their part and remove it.

The processes of adsorption and ion exchange continue the cleansing of water by taking away other humanly introduced chemicals such as those that enter the water through agricultural runoff and improperly disposed of household cleansers. Pesticides, fertilizers, and cleansers are tasteless, odorless, but far from harmless, and yet treatment plants are not required to remove them.

That’s why the best water Filter home systems will not only remove the obvious things like chlorine and sediments but will focus on making our water free from these other insidious chemicals. All of these chemicals, chlorine included, have been shown to be major contributors to the rise in cancer and degenerative nervous disorders over the last hundred years.

So now that you’ve chosen a multi-stage process, how many different home water Filter systems are there to choose from? Quite a few, but the best have certain characteristics that you want to look for. First of all, the best systems are certified to do what they say they do. They are also accompanied by money back guarantees, lifetime warranties, and excellent customer service.

Their water Filter home systems are easy to install, easy to maintain, and cost less than ten cents per gallon of water. You can choose a whole house system or you can choose to protect certain taps in your home, like the ones you use the most. If you choose to install Filters on certain taps, remember to include shower water Filters, because recent data indicates that 60-70 percent of the chlorine and other chemicals that enter our bodies do so through skin absorption through daily showering.

Also, the EPA has studied household air and found that most of it is contaminated with measurable amounts of chloroform, the gaseous form of chlorine. When you think about it, chlorine is just bleach, and it’s bad enough to think about drinking bleach, but breathing it is even worse.

Check out what Consumer Reports has to say about home water Filter systems, too. They’ve done their own independent research on which brand is the best, delivering the best product for the best price and services.


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