Why Are Home Water Filters the Best Option?



Why Are Home Water Filters the Best Option?


The use of home water Filters is one of the best ways to protect your health. These Filters are effective, economical, and easy to maintain. How do these Filters work? What makes them so effective in purifying tap water?

There are many types of home water Filters but basically, filtration works by using a special Filter to prevent contaminants from passing through its pores. Selective filtration is one of the best ways to Filter H2O as it involves a series of steps including carbon filtration, ion exchange, and submicron filtration.

In carbon filtration, a carbon block is used to remove contaminants and impurities from water in two ways.

First, it physically prevents contaminants from passing through. Second, the carbon absorbs dissolved contaminants present in tap water. Carbon is a highly absorbent material and can remove a wide variety of pollutants including chlorine, THMs, VOCs, lead, and other organic substances.

While carbon removes these harmful contaminants, it does not remove healthy minerals in water like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are needed by the body and help give the liquid a more pleasant taste. In addition, it also keeps the pH of the water at the right level.

Ion exchange is also an important step in water purification. It reduces the hardness of tap water and it also removes dissolved inorganic substances. Submicron filtration also plays an important role as it helps Filter out pathogens like bacteria, parasites, and even giardia and cryptosporidium cysts which are resistant to chlorine.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous kinds of home H2O Filters. Which should you choose? Here are examples of the type of home Filters so you can determine which one best meets your needs.


Counter top Filters are easy to install on kitchen faucets. It Filters water straight from the tap but only a single sink is serviced in the home.


Under the sink Filters also service only a single sink in the home. It is more discreet though, as it is placed under the sink and won’t take up any space on the counter.


Shower Filters are also available as it is not only important to drink clean water, but to use pure water for bathing, washing, and other purposes as well.


Inline water Filters are ideal for ice-makers, water fountains, refrigerators, and water coolers.


Whole house water Filters ensure that every drop of water in every faucet of your home only gives out pure, clean, and safe water which can be used for various purposes such as drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing clothes.


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