Bottled Water Delivery at your office or home


Bottled Water Delivery at your office or home


Bottled water can easily be delivered either to a work place or a home where people who have water coolers or the water dispensers. Still or sparkling water can be delivered to the office or home as and when required.

The success of commercial water cooler services along with the booming sales of bottled water has prompted manufacturers to look at water delivery as an excellent business.


The water used in the water delivery services usually undergoes reverse osmosis treatment to separate water molecules from impurities. This leaves behind only hydrogen and oxygen in free flowing spring or municipal water.

This water is then Filtered, sanitized, ozonated, and is finally bottled. Distilled water is one of the purest forms of water that is used for delivery services. The water is run through a vapor compression process during distillation.

This allows the water to be first micron and carbon Filtered, then softened, then boiled to vapor and then again re-condensed. This results in water so pure that it is even recommended for clinical and medical use. Distilled water usually contains absolutely no minerals.

Water delivery services are provided by a number of companies. The consumer just needs to log in to the website and place an order for the service. However, these companies usually provide service only with a particular brand of water.

They provide water delivery for home or office and all the customer has to do is place the order through their website. It is suggested to buy brands with a known protected source and companies that have readily available testing and treatment information to show the high water quality.

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