Advantages of Bottled Water Delivery Service

Advantages of Bottled Water Delivery Service

Bottled water delivery is a service available to households and to offices. More often than not, offices will see a need for this sort of service. Read on for some benefits of setting up this sort of service and an associated schedule for your office.

Water at Work – Benefits

Employee wellness is a hot topic. Not only do employees care about their health but companies who promote this tend to have more energetic and productive staff members who take fewer sick days. Turnover rates at companies with attention to wellness also tends to be lower.
Installing a water cooler and / or having water bottle delivery at work encourages staff to stay hydrated, alert, focused, and healthy.

You can arrange bottled water delivery on a scheduled basis and a company can take care of ensuring your kitchen is stocked with water and other related supplies you’ve ordered (cups and accessories) as needed. Bottled water is also better for increasing the life of appliances, such as the office coffee machine.

Water Coolers

You can have quality spring water delivered to fill your existing cooler or you could buy or rent a new cooler. If you opt to rent, your delivery company should make it standard practise to also maintain the system and that tends to include a service where they sanitise everything for you as well.
A rental fee along with the water, cups, and other accessories is considered a suitable business expense.


A water delivery company will typically offer accessories, such as: bottle racks to keep things organised, bottled water in individual sizes if this is part of your order, cup choices in paper and in plastic.

Choosing a Water Delivery Service

Whether you want a cooler and water, bottled water, or a plumbed in watercooler, dealing with a delivery company should be easy. You’ll want competitive pricing, good customer service, reliable delivery, and if renting water coolers for the office you’ll also want to know that the machine is well-maintained and kept sanitary. If the machine has any problems, you’ll want to know it can swiftly be resolved by the company as well.

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