Importance Of Purified Water For Human Life



Importance Of Purified Water For Human Life


Drinking water such as well water, distilled water, spring water or mineral water, when packed in either plastic bottle or glass bottle, referred as bottled water. Some of the common types of bottled water are:

Water originated from confined aquifer from where it is tapped. Water level always stays higher than the height of aquifer.

Water from underground sources which is present under the pressure equal to or equal to atmospheric pressure.

* spring water:
Water again is collected from underground sources, but it is drawn naturally to the earth’s surface.

Taken from either hole tapping, than can be drilled, bored or constructed in the ground or other sources.

Source of this type of water is a mineral spring containing different salts and sulphur compounds. No minerals are further added to this.

Looking into its concerned services, bottled water is delivered either monthly or weekly. In urgency, it may be daily. U.S food and drug Administration regulates the bottled water (quality, services, nutritional content), such that the regulations must be at least as firm as Environmental Protection Agency Standards for tap water. Also it makes sure certain labeling on the bottles, like type of water, ingredients, name and place of business of manufacturer, net weight and many more. Over the past decades, sales of bottled water have increased drastically. The rate of consumption more than quadrupled between 1990 and 2005. In India, a sudden boom was observed in bottled water industry in late 1990’s.

Spring and Mineral bottled water must meet the following criteria:

* Naturally fit to be drunk at source

* Originated from underground source that is not a part of community of water supply

* Should not be treated in any way that may change its nutritional value, before bottling.

Focusing on water dispenser, it is an appliance used to dispense water. It may be hot water dispenser, that can dispense water as hot as 94 degree Celsius or cold water dispenser. Hot water coolers are again divided into two categories, hot-only and hot and cool water models. In this type of dispensers, water is dispensed as well as heated. It is similar to portable shower devices, which uses a heating device that quickly heats up water. Talking about cool dispenser, it is categorized as, bottle less and bottled water coolers. Former is hooked up to a water supply whereas latter requires delivery of water in large bottles from vendors. It is also known as water cooler.

Types of hot water dispensers:

In this small and portable device, small amount of water can be boiled very quickly. Some of its advantages are


2. Wastes no electricity

3. Fast

4. Do not need to be installed

5. Does not occupy more space

HOT WATER TANK DISPENSERS:Water is plumbed directly to water supply through a faucet and water is heated by under-sink or over can produce large amount of hot water.

Popularly known as Thermo pot and is a combination of electric kettle and hot water flask. It is portable and the temperature can also be adjusted.

Types of water coolers

It is connected to a building’s water supply for continuous water supply. Electricity is required to run a refrigeration unit to cool incoming water.

This eliminates the need to lift heavy water bottles by placing the bottles beneath dispensers.

Bottle is placed directly above the table for serving a small number of people.

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