Offices Sometimes Need Office Water Delivery



Offices Sometimes Need Office Water Delivery


From the time of its invention, the water cooler – and subsequently,delivery for office water – has been a long-lasting fixture in the modern day office environment. Instead of a water fountain – which itself has its own cultural associations and connotations, even as a image of the American civil rights movement, another story for another time – many offices choose the use of a free-standing water cooler fitted with the instantly recognizable five gallon tanks mounted to the top. The truth is, this is what provides office water delivery its name, in that these five gallon jugs are virtually delivered by truck to the office, generally all the time and usually in exchange for the empty jugs left from the previous month.

The preference for delivery for office water and these free-standing units is generally one of function over form. Through there are the usual logistical aggrevations of having to literally manipulate the heavy, five gallon jugs obtained by office water delivery, the characteristics of the unit itself more than make up for it. Whereas a water fountain generally only presents cooled water out of just one spout, water coolers generally have a number of spouts, usually two or three. Needless to say there is the primary spout, which when managed with a simple lever delivers cold water, but it is not rare to find models with spouts for room temperature water, or even extremely hot, almost boiling water – perfect for use in making tea or quick coffee.

Other than functionality, sanitation is a common reason for preference of office water delivery over locally available tap water through a water fountain. The fairly sizable, free-standing units are frequently laden with various water purification technologies which, in addition to the large jugs of water that are already sanitized and purified at their bottling plants, make for the purest water offered. Commonly office water coolers use some form of activated carbon Filtering, which uses specially treated charcoal to Filter larger impurities (salts, dissolved inorganic compounds, etc) out of the water.

In latest years, it has also been frequent for these units to be fitted with some type of ultraviolent light treatment, which usually eliminates what might be left over after charcoal Filtering: dissolved organic compounds, bacteria, and so on.

Though unbelievably basic in design and purpose, the insufferable banality of the modern day office cubical labyrinth has made the ubiquitous water cooler a sort of social hub at the office. So recognizable is this fact that colloquial terms like “water cooler show” have been coined off of it, in reference to the sort of trite dialogue about well-known culture expected amid employees gathering around the unit. Even the phrase “word around the water cooler” in reference to rumors or gossip has entered the cultural lexicon. Interesting that such an oddly mundane things as office water delivery can be, in a way, responsible for such widely recognizable cultural phenomena.


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