Using Purified Water Vs Using Spring Water


Using Purified Water Vs Using spring water

Recent studies have uncovered some additional contaminants in the water so right now the public water supplies are under strong scrutiny these last few years. This is why many people have started using the bottled variety, thinking that they are a better choice. Well, this is a good option, however one needs to keep in mind that the bottled types is using sometimes purified and sometimes spring water.

The two types are really not the same, as there are major differences in the way they are cleaned from impurities and contaminants. Spring and purified water might come from the very underground source, yet the final result is different, and many people who don’t know the way each type is Filtered, has troubles understanding why they are not the same.

spring water has to come from protected and pure underground sources that has a natural flow to the surface of the earth. Basically the water is gathered from the spring that taps into some underground formation. Once it s brought above ground, it needs to retain its properties that possessed while it was still underground. Of course as the last test, the spring water needs to conform to the same FDA and IBWA standards and any other type of bottled type is also subjected to. Quality testing and treatment are top priority to ensure that the water is pure and safe.

The purified water, on the other hand, will have additional treatment processes that are underlined by IBWA. A couple of these options are distillation, deionization and reverse osmosis. So this makes sure that the purified type is a highly treated drinking liquid and it does not contain any chemicals that you otherwise find in the public supply. As a side note, with purified variety you will never feel a chlorine aftertaste when drinking it.

When you decide to buy pure water, it’s up to you which type you’re going for: the purified or the spring type. The spring type is great, however many people do prefer the great taste that the purified version adds as well as the extra treatments included that make it almost 100% safe to drink at all times. Not only that but the purified water is great for many other things beside drinking: it’s used in cooking, in taking showers and even in washing expensive cars.


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