How to Choose the Best Bottled Water



How to Choose the Best Bottled Water


Finding the best bottled water is largely a matter of personal taste. Some types are relatively bland, others are highly carbonated, and still others are loaded with minerals. You may need to try several brands to find your favorite, but to help you with your search, here are the basic classifications.

Purified water has been processed either by distilling it or cycling it through reverse osmosis. Other methods of purification can also be used. Distilled is usually the least flavorful and therefore the most common type for cooking or brewing coffee. Since all minerals are removed from distilled water, it is often the preferred type for use in steam irons and coffee makers.

spring water is defined as water that is packaged at the source, which is supposed to be an underground spring that flows freely to the surface. However, the term is not legally defined, and some spring water is actually tap water from the city reservoir. Depending on the source, it can have a little more flavor than distilled water.

Mineral water must also be bottled at its source. There are legal definitions of what percentage of minerals must be contained. Currently, the standard is set at a minimum of 250 parts per million of mineral and trace elements which must occur naturally. Some is more flavorful than others.

Sparkling water has carbon dioxide that occurs naturally or is added during processing. Some is heavily carbonated, such as Perrier, while others like Sole have little carbonation. There is also a great range of sparkling waters between the two.

Glacier water is typically bottled at the source, which is normally a spring that has its origins in a glacier. These waters are seldom carbonated, and most often have a clean, bland taste.

Artesian water comes from an underground natural reservoir. It make surface in a spring, or may be obtained from an artesian well. It is normally left untreated, and while most are clean and crisp, some have more mineral content than others.

Water delivery services can supply you with products in three or five gallon bottles or cases of 8, 12, or 16 ounce bottles. They can also provide coolers for rent or sale which will hold the larger bottles and dispense hot or cold water on demand.

Once you have an idea of the type of water you will most likely prefer, such as sparkling or mineral, you will need to try several different brands to find the best bottled water for you.


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